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Special session  
 / Call for Papers

Special Session:

Modernization of Agricultural Water Management Schemes

Irrigation is critical to food security and economic growth in the World. The wide gap between actual and desirable performance threatens the sustainability of irrigated agriculture. The challenges for increasing the productivity of irrigation systems have forced countries to think of new strategies. The need therefore is for diagnosis of existing irrigation services and modernization options. Irrigation modernization is defined as "a process of technical and managerial upgrading of irrigation schemes with the objective to improve resource utilization (labour, water, economics, environmental) and water delivery service to farms; or the transition from supply-oriented to service-oriented irrigation water delivery" (FAO(. The current emphasis on technical and managerial upgrading policy has several important implications for irrigation.

Irrigation institutions need to link their central task of providing irrigation services to agricultural production and to integrate their water demands and uses with other users at basin level. An enhanced appreciation of the water delivering and flows across landscapes and the circulation of groundwater within aquifers will lead to informed decisions on the use and reuse of agricultural water. The concerned company would like to know how the delivery system and the on-farm irrigation systems are to be managed. In order o exchange updated knowledge and researches on modernization of agricultural water and irrigation schemes, authors are invited to submit papers related to the mentioned topic. Some suggested aspects to be considered:

  • Institutional modalities and financial implications;
  • Policy and legal implications;
  • Modernizing infrastructure;
  • Use of GIS & RS for the operation of irrigation systems;
  • Monitoring, evaluation and performance;
  • Automation of irrigation systems for better operation;
  • Applying improved administrative principles and techniques (advanced techniques of data collection methods related to crops, cultivated areas, irrigation requirements, flow measurement devices & water charges);
  • New concepts to upgrade irrigation services;
  • Capacity development, and;
  • Environmental issues.

Call for Papers

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Key dates:




Submission of comprehensive “summary and conclusions”  (500-600 words)

15 January 2011(Extended)

Receipt of full text of accepted papers

01 March 2011