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8th Micro Irrigation Congress  
 / Call for Papers


18-19 October 2011

Tehran, Iran


Theme: Innovation in Technology and Management of Micro irrigation for Enhanced Crop and Water Productivity





Global demand for food is likely to double in the next 25 to 30 years mainly due to population growth and change of diet. Many countries are endeavoring to achieve food security at a national level. A major portion of this new food demand would be fulfilled from irrigated agriculture. However, further expansion of irrigated lands is ironically limited by freshwater availability particularly in arid and semi-arid regions. Micro-irrigation has shown a promise to tackle such a complex and multivariable situation, by allowing higher water use efficiency, minimizing non-beneficial losses of water, reduced energy requirements for operation, and improved agro-technical practices.

Water quality is another impeding factor which has to be taken into account for further development of irrigated agriculture. Micro irrigation has demonstrated a better compatibility to use poor/ low quality waters by way of flexibility and better performance compared to other irrigation methods. However there are several bottlenecks associated with further expansion micro-irrigation which need to be reviewed and dealt with. Concerns such as adaptability to varied soil and water quality, lowering of maintenance costs, increasing of life duration of field distribution systems, innovation in technology to reduce capital costs, and developing crop specific management practices, etc.




The objectives of the Congress are as follows:

         To share experiences in the use of new technologies and best management practices in drip, micro-sprinkler, and other localized irrigation systems;

         To review the status of use of micro irrigation for smallholders;

         To understand socio-economic and technological factors impeding expansion of drip and micro-sprinkler irrigation area.




The 8th International Congress on micro irrigation invites and welcomes experts, irrigation managers, researchers, government and private agencies, farmers, technicians and students to contribute with their knowledge and experiences, by submitting papers on  the following  topics:

         Best management practices/ success stories of micro irrigation adoption;

         Lessons learnt from failures in upscaling micro irrigation;

        Developments in Subsurface micro-irrigation;

         Low cost and low energy consuming  irrigation systems;

         Automation in micro irrigation;

         Micro irrigation in greenhouses;

         Micro-irrigation for small scale farms;

         Use of low quality waters in micro-irrigation;

         Modeling, design and decision support system in micro-irrigation;

         Advances in operation and cost effective maintenance of micro-irrigation systems;

         Management and cost of micro-irrigation  for large farms;

         Efficiency and productivity in micro irrigation systems;

         Socio-economic consequences of the conversion of traditional systems to micro irrigation systems;

         Analysis of long term sustainability of micro irrigation systems;

         Technical performance and quality assessment of micro-irrigation systems;

         LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) applied to micro irrigation.


Call for Papers

Download (PDF, 185 KB)

Key dates:




Submission of comprehensive “summary and conclusions”  (500-600 words)

15 January 2011 (Extended)

Receipt of full text of accepted papers

01 March 2011