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ICID Secretary General  
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Message from ICID General Secretary
The International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) is a scientific and technical non-governmental international professional organization dedicated inter alia, to improve water and land management to enhance the worldwide supply of water and fibre for all people. ICID stimulates and promotes the development and application of arts, sciences and techniques of engineering, agriculture, economics, ecology and social science in managing water and land resources for irrigation, drainage and flood control and river training applications. It's objectives encompass research and development, capacity building and adoption of comprehensive State-of-the-Art approaches and techniques for sustainable agriculture in the World. ICID, founded in 1950, enrolled as many as 106 member countries; about 63 of them are active and contribute to the goals and mission of ICID.

ICID Congresses concentrate on themes of global interest but of a closer nature to their own professional missions. The ICID Congresses held at three year intervals are well known for their ability to attract best responses.

Iran succeeded in the honour of hosting the 21st Congress in a stiff competition during the Sacramento IEC in October 2007. The 21st ICID Congress will devote itself to " Water Productivity towards Food Security ", a theme of high current relevance. A global decrease in the food grain stocks in recent times with a consequent impact on food prices have sent shock around and reversed the trend of complacency in agricultural front which got set in for a few decades in the past. Decreasing land and water resources assigned for agricultural production, the likely climate change impacts and the competition for agricultural land and water for bio fuel crops are some of the major issues which confront us in the ever-changing environ that we live in. The set of Questions to look into some aspects of these current challenges are Water and Land Productivity Challenges and Water Management in rainfed agriculture; Climate Change Impacts on Land Water Resources have also been assigned as an exclusive topic for the Symposium. A Special Session on Modernisation of Water Management Schemes would look into the ongoing reforms and the need in re-inventing irrigation projects.

The process of identifying the General Reporters and the Panel Experts for the Congress will be undertaken during the International Executive Council of ICID in Lahore, Pakistan in October 2008. In the successive bulletins on the Congress one will find more information.

Responses to ICID Congress themes are usually substantial. Due to obvious constraints to present all of them, only a limited number of papers are selected for presentation at the Congress and their text published in a CD-ROM. Poster Sessions for the Congress Questions are arranged to give an opportunity to more authors for presentations; this enables them to have a closer and intensive interaction with the international participants. Full-text of the accepted papers for the Poster Session will also find a place in the CD-ROM. The Congress transactions will contain all the keynote addresses, general reports and abstracts of all papers.

As a country with rich historic tradition in irrigation, drainage and flood management, Iran has indeed a lot to offer. I am sure that this event will provide a wonderful opportunity for you to visit this great country with an ancient civilization and tradition.

It is my proud privilege to invite you to join us and strengthen our efforts by sharing your expertise through a response paper to the Questions, Symposium or the Special Session which are detailed within this brochure. Kindly reserve the dates in your diary for attending the Congress. Your participation is very important for us.

M. Gopalakrishnan
Secretary General, ICID