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ICID President  
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Message from the ICID President

Dear Friends,
I am pleased to have this opportunity to invite you to the 21st ICID Congress and 62nd IEC Meeting, as well as the 8th International Micro Irrigation Congress, to be held October 15-23, 2011 in Tehran. The Iranian National Committee of ICID (IRNCID) has already started to work in earnest to organize our next Congress, which as you know is one of our landmark meetings every three years. Iran is one of the earliest members of ICID, joining in 1955. IRNCID has been very active both nationally and internationally in the fields of irrigation, drainage and flood control especially in the past 20 years or so. Members of IRNCID play a very prominent role in the management and leadership of ICID, serving on and chairing several work bodies.

Iran has had a very long tradition and rich history of irrigation dating back to some 3000 years ago. Some of the oldest irrigation systems in the world, including Qanats, reservoirs, and barrages can be traced back to the ancient Iranian civilizations. The country has continued to modernize and innovate in the irrigation and drainage sectors, with highly sophisticated irrigation and water saving technologies, subsurface drainage systems, and farmer participation in water management.

I am confident that your presence at the 21st ICID Congress and 8th International Micro Irrigation Congress will prove to be highly rewarding, as you will have an opportunity to visit and learn of some of the best that Iran has to offer in agriculture and water management. Through your participation in the various congress questions, conference sessions, special symposia, and the Micro Irrigation Congress, you will engage in a very high level of debate and exchange with colleagues. This will propel our thinking into actions, to revolutionize the way we manage water for increased agricultural productivity.

I can assure you that our colleagues in IRNCID will go fully out of their way to ensure your safety and enjoyment of a wonderful Congress, and visit to a country with much to see and experience technically, culturally, and socially.

Yours truly,

Professor Dr. Chandra A. Madramootoo
President, ICID