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IRNCID Chairman  
 / Invitations

Invitation from Chairman of IRNCID
During the annual meeting of ICID held in Sacramento, USA, in 2007, the Islamic Republic of Iran officially proposed to host the 21st Congress on Irrigation and Drainage as well as the 62nd International Executive Council Meeting of ICID in 2011 which was gladly approved by ICID members. Also during ICID 20th Congress held in Lahore, Pakistan, in 2008 programmed that the 8th International Micro Irrigation Congress hold simultaneously with 21st congress in Tehran, in 2011.
The Iranian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (IRNCID) is honored to invite all members of ICID, as well as, the other national and international relevant entities to gather in Tehran, capital of Iran, in 2011 to participate in these three scientific events and has already started to fulfill its commitments to organize them in the most outstanding way possible.
Iran is one of the most ancient human civilizations with the richest social culture. There are numerous cultural heritages and historical monuments that reveal the engineering skills of ancient Iranian in building huge sustainable structures. Constructing regulatory water weirs that date back to 1000 years ago and water purification works in 3,300 years ago are examples of how Iranians have been intending to establish potable and agricultural water management systems since early times.
In spite of the arid and semi-arid conditions, Iran has achieved a lot to develop its irrigation and drainage systems, to control floods, and to store surface waters by means of small, medium, and large dams. Dams are constructed to secure agricultural and potable water where over 8.5 million hectares of irrigated agriculture are successfully managed for food security in Iran.
Only by physical development of water systems, food security could not be fulfilled. However, development of software together with an integrated planning and management of soil and water resources are required.
In many countries, water shortage for agriculture, drinking and industrial usages is among the most crucial challenges. Certain countries may have adequate water but they may not have sufficient land for farming. To reach the main target of irrigated agriculture which is food security, different measures such as increased soil and water productivity, maximum usage of water per unit, optimum water utilization, and best usage of soil per unit area could be applied as guaranteeing solutions toward food security. To this end, the main topic of the 21st ICID Congress was selected as: "Water Productivity towards Food Security", and also the main topic of 8th Micro Irrigation Congress was selected as: Innovation in Technology and Management of Micro-irrigation for crop Production Enhancement which reveals not only gathering, exchanging, and applying experiences from all over the globe but also is the top challenge of future agriculture and water sector of the world.
The 2011 ICID Congresses is a good opportunity for experts, professionals, and decision-makers of different countries to get together in Tehran, acquaint with the rich Iranian culture, visit historical beauties of this ancient country, and exchange knowledge and experience for an enhanced irrigation and drainage at the global level.

M.R. Attarzadeh

Deputy Minister of Energy for Water and Wastewater Affairs, and
Chairman of IRNCID